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    Checking access permission for Windows Live Mail and Temp folder in Windows 7

    The applications in my PC running on Windows 7 have lost the privileges for Administrator. This affects the functioning of Windows Live Mail and Acrobat Reader. The former application canít compose messages and the latter one canít create temporary files. It is also not possible to write into ĎUsersí folder. My brother told me that this may happen due to accession permission issue. I need to check the access permission for both Windows Live Mail and Temp folder for confirming it. How can I do that?

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    Re: Checking access permission for Windows Live Mail and Temp folder in Windows 7

    In the case of Temp folder, first press the ‘Start’ button. Go to the bottom part of the start menu afterwards and type cmd into the search field available over there. Then, press the ‘Enter’ key and wait until the black command prompt window pop up on the screen. Once you can view this window, type set temp into it and hit the ‘Enter’ key. The access permission will be displayed on the window after that. To check the permission for WLM folder, you need to open the folder first and click the ‘Tools’ option. A menu will pop up on the screen afterwards from which click the ‘Options’ option. Then, navigate into Advanced -> Maintenance and make a single click on ‘Store Folder’ option for viewing the access permission.

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    Re: Checking access permission for Windows Live Mail and Temp folder in Windows 7

    To check the access permission for Windows Live Mail follow these steps

    • Go to the start and then type Windows Live Mail in the search
    • press enter and then click on it to open
    • Now choose the option Tools
    • Then select the Options under Tools
    • then tap on Advanced option
    • Now choose the Maintenance
    • Now select the option Store Folder
    • here you can check the access permissions
    To check the permissions for the Folder

    • Go to the start and click on it
    • Now select the folder to which you want to see the permissions
    • then right click on it and then select the properties option
    • Now choose the Security tab
    • there you can see the permissions that are allocated for that folder
    • You can also change the permissions by choosing the option Edit

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    Re: Checking access permission for Windows Live Mail and Temp folder in Windows 7

    Hi, Dear friend

    To check the permission levels of the ..temporary and windows live mail .... follow these instructions


    First of all go to start menu and click on my computer

    After that open the C os installed ) drive and then double click on WINDOWS folder

    And now find .... TEMP folder ... and right click on temp folder....and choose PROPERTIES

    And then tap on SECURITY tab.......and click the EDIT button ........and now check the Each user Permission level ...and adjust the settings.....and finally click the Apply, OK buttons

    And for the ... windows Live Mail ... folder ... go to my computer

    and then open the program Files folder....and now find ... windows live Mail folder ... and right click on it choose PROPERTIES

    after that tap on Security tab..... and click the EDIT button ...and check the permission level

    All The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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