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    Checking the Hard disk problem in Windows Vista

    I am using Windows Vista in my System. Sometimes I face a Problem with the Hard Disk, but it gets resolved. So, I want to check what might be the Problem of Hard Disk. Please, anyone help me in Solving the Problem.

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    Re: Checking the Hard disk problem in Windows Vista

    You can find the Problem of your Hard Disk due to system might corrupt or due to Physical Errors. You should fix these problem by scanning your hard disk. This is how you do:

    STEP 1: Go for Start and go to My Computer.
    STEP 2: Select the hard disk you want and right click on it.
    STEP 3: Select “Properties”.
    STEP 4: Tap on the “Tools” tab.
    STEP 5: Go to “Error Checking” and click on the “Check now” Button.
    STEP 6: Select the Radio Button “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”.
    STEP 7: Click on the “Start” Button.
    STEP 8: This starts scanning your hard disk for problems and fixes them automatically. depending on the Size of your Hard Disk Scanning Time depends.
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    Re: Checking the Hard disk problem in Windows Vista

    Hii Friends...

    For checking HDD problems in Windows vista follow below steps...

    Go to the start button... and then click on computer...

    Right-click the hard disk drive that you want to check,and then click Properties.

    Click the Tools tab, and then, under Error-checking, click Check Now.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    To automatically repair problems with files and folders that the scan detects, select Automatically fix file system errors. Otherwise, the disk check will simply report problems but not
    fix them.

    To perform a thorough disk check, select scan for and attempt recovery bad sectors. This scan attempts to find and repair physical errors on the hard disk itself, and it can take much longer to complete.

    To check for both file errors and physical errors, select both Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

    Click start...

    Thank you and All the best...

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    Re: Checking the Hard disk problem in Windows Vista

    Hello friend,

    For checking your hard disk problem in Windows Vista do as i say...

    1.Firstly go to the 'My computer' Then open 'properties'.

    2.Then click on the tab 'tools' on the top of the dialog box.

    3.There in the Error -checking you can the option 'Check Now'.

    4.Make a click on the 'Check Now' option.

    5.Now a dialog box will open with two options in it.

    6.You have to make a check on the option "Automatically fill the system errors'.

    7.Now click on the option 'Start'.

    That's it by doing as i said the computer starts checking for errors in your computer.

    Have a nice day.......

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    Re: Checking the Hard disk problem in Windows Vista


    To scan the hard drive you need to use an utility called Scandisk which you can achieve by Going to :
    Control Panel > My Computer > Right Click and select Properties > Tools and click on Check Now .
    Now the computer will be scanned for any trouble and file system will be tested for any discripancy and try to settle if within its ability, and show you the report about what happend and what steps had been taken by the diagnostic tool.

    Thank you.

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