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    CHKDSK is checking for errors on every boot up in windows 7 system

    Hi, i made an upgrade recently from windows 7 home premium to windows 7 ultimate operating system. My issue is, From the last one week my windows 7 ultimate system is checking the disks for errors on every boot when i startup my system. I have no idea why file checker is checking again and again on the system start! Any ideas??

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    Re: CHKDSK is checking for errors on every boot up in windows 7 system

    1)The reason why it checks your computer during the boot time is because of, the Disk errors on your system.
    2)In order to resolve your issue, you need to boot your windows in safe mode and then make a CHKDSK there
    3)Restart your system → Keep on tapping F8 at the booting time
    4)After that system advanced setting will appear → Select “SAFE MODE” from those options
    5)After booting the computer in safe mode properly → Open CMD using administrator permissions
    6)In CMD, type the below code and then press “Enter”
    CHKDSK /r /f → Press ENTER
    7)Restart your system, after giving the above command, then the system will check the computer for disk errors and then corrects the disk errors
    NOTE:The CHKDSK will run on boot time only when it find any disk errors on your system!
    That’s it over!
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    Re: CHKDSK is checking for errors on every boot up in windows 7 system


    If you don't want to see when boot up check disk errors..

    You need to perform Check disk regularly..

    For this Check disk..

    Open My computer..

    Right click on your C drive choose Properties..

    Here click on Tools tab..

    Now click on Check now option..

    It will Clears your disk drive errors..

    You need to perform this regularly..

    Then while booting it won't come like check disk..

    And same window choose general tab...

    Click on Disk clean up also..

    It will clean your disk...

    You need to perform regularly for all disks..

    Thank you...

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    Re: CHKDSK is checking for errors on every boot up in windows 7 system

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say..........................................

    1.Firstly go to the start menu and type 'RegEdit'.

    2.Then you open it and then you expand 'HIKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE'.

    3.And then you expand 'System' and then 'CurrentControlSet'.

    4.Later you expand 'Control' and then just select but do not expand 'Session Manager'.

    5.And then in the right pane double and open the 'Boot Execute'.

    6.And there you find 'autocheck autochk*'.

    7.Change it to 'autocheck autochk/K:C/K..to how many drives you have'.

    8.At last save the changes and restart your system and your problem is solved now.

    Have a nice day..................................

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    Re: CHKDSK is checking for errors on every boot up in windows 7 system

    Dear person***********
    ++++++++++++Try these steps for this issue++++++++

    ************try this for this issue************

    ************insert Os DVD in DVD driver

    ************Then re start your device

    *************Now press F2 key on the keyboard while your system is on booting.

    *************After pressing F2 key the BIOS window will open.

    *************Under that window you will see the Start windows recover option.

    *************now you can see blue screen with so many menu on top.

    *************among then choose boot menu

    ************* Then select option boot priority and select DVD as your first boot

    *************Now save setting then press F10

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