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    Cleaning registry errors in Dell notebook with windows 7

    How can I clean registry errors in my Dell notebook with windows 7? What are the steps for the same?

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    teddy Array
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    Re: Cleaning registry errors in Dell notebook with windows 7


    Clean system registry
    Windows 7 installed on your Dell laptops have a database known as registry. Registry contains important information regarding the working of the system. Registry entries are created automatically and they tend to increase to very large numbers as system is used. Clashes between obsolete and necessary entries can cause .blue screen errors and this can be resolved by cleaning the registry of the system using a registry cleaning software.

    Comprehensive support for resolving Windows 7 blue screen errors on Dell laptops
    Diagnosis & repair of your hardware issues.
    Troubleshoot software errors.
    Update drivers and security to protect against online threats.
    Connect to Internet, devices and peripherals.
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    Re: Cleaning registry errors in Dell notebook with windows 7

    To clean the windows registry you can use these steps:-
    -first press WINDOW+R
    -here enter regedit command.
    Now your window registry is open you can choose the registry file you wants to erase, but make any changes if you have full knowledge because it contains many important entry's if something wrong is deleted then it may cause your window corruption.

    Another way is to download the registry cleaner software, easily available on internet and you can clean your unwanted registry with the help of this software.

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    Re: Cleaning registry errors in Dell notebook with windows 7

    Kindly describe what kind of error you are getting ....
    or you can restore you system on previous date or you can also restore you system in factory restore mode...

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    Re: Cleaning registry errors in Dell notebook with windows 7

    For cleaning registry errors u need to download the software which cleans the registry errors,you can download the software from below link and follow the steps
    Thank You

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    Re: Cleaning registry errors in Dell notebook with windows 7


    CCleaner is the best free registry cleaner program I've tested. It's easy to use, prompts you backup the registry before it makes changes, and includes a number of other useful tools.

    The CCleaner registry cleaner work on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008/2003, and older Windows versions like 2000, NT, ME and 98. 64-bit Windows versions are also supported.

    I highly recommend you use Piriform's CCleaner freeware registry cleaner tool.
    I tested CCleaner v3.22.1800 using both their portable and "slim" installable versions in Windows 7.

    Hope this Works
    Thanks and Enjoy
    Regards Libin

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    Re: Cleaning registry errors in Dell notebook with windows 7


    If you want to clean registry errors in your dell notebook then follow the steps below :

    - Firstly take a backup of all your data of the notebook before continuing..
    - Next you have to download a software named ccleaner which you can download from the link below
    - Now open the ccleaner and then click on cleaner button
    - Here you have to check all those boxes in windows and application tabs which you want to clean
    - When you have selected all of them then click on run cleaner which will clean all those selected files
    - After its done click on registry button and click on scan for issues
    - At last click on fix selected issues after the scan completes...

    The above step will delete the registry errors from your notebook..

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    Re: Cleaning registry errors in Dell notebook with windows 7

    dear friend,

    You must not try to clean registry editor-because you may lose many necessary files & it may led to you to the damage of your computer.

    But if you do it then you must do it in your own risk.

    You can go to the registry editor by running regedit command.

    Try to delete unnecessary files from the registry editor.

    You may also download third party software to do it.

    It'll be more safe.

    Click on the following link to delete registry editor cleaner software.

    <a href="http://personal.inet.fi/business/toniarts/files/EClea2_0.exe/" target="_blank">Click here</a>

    Download & install the software.

    Now Run it as per instruction.

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    Re: Cleaning registry errors in Dell notebook with windows 7

    hi my dear friend.....for fix the registry errors ....by using the third party software

    and it is the best ....for fix the registry errors...and the name of the software is system advance care

    first download the the software from the internet ..

    and to download the software visit this website www.CNET.com ....there you type in the search box above name and download

    after the download ....install it and open

    then there is a window will be displayed there you choose the deep scan

    then click on the SCAN NOW..............after the completion of scan

    the SCAN NOW button will be appeared as FIX ERRORS.............then click that ....and fix your registry errors

    ......................ALL THE BEST

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