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    Clearing administratorís password on Windows XP

    I have forgotten the password of my laptop which runs on Windows XP. As I wish to boot the system, it asks me the password. Can I remove the user account without password?

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Clearing administratorís password on Windows XP

    Hello friend,

    For clearing the administrator password on Windows XP do as i say.

    To boot the system without logging into the your account.

    1.Firstly by the starting of the computer you press the button Delete.

    2.The bios menu will open there you change the first,second and third bios and then press "Y" and then enter.

    3.Insert the CD of OS before only.

    4.After performing the 2nd point the computer will restart.

    5.After restarting you Click any button the Installation menu will open.

    That's it there you boot your system so there will be no need of typing any password.

    Have a nice day.........

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    mohan123 Array
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    Re: Clearing administratorís password on Windows XP

    Dear friends..

    Go to start menu ..open control panel..

    Now double click on user accounts.

    Click on windows XP user name..

    Next click on Remove password..

    Now enter password for password removing.

    Click remove password.

    Thank you and All the best..

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    AJAY Array
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    Ajmer Rajasthan

    Re: Clearing administratorís password on Windows XP

    Dear User .......

    Here you want to know that how to clearing administrator's password in windows Xp ....So i will tell you that how to do that...You just see and then follow my easy and simple steps...
    Lets have a look....

    First of all go and just on your computer and then click on the start menu tab ..And then click on the control panel ...Now in the control panel window just double click on user accounts..After that click on windows Xp user name and then click on the remove password ..and then just remove password from it.....

    ALL Done ......
    I hope that information really help's you.....
    Thank You .....

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    sagar R.kachhadiya Array
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    Re: Clearing administratorís password on Windows XP

    If you know the your current passward ,then you can easily remove the passward by

    Start --> Control Panel --> User account --> Remove passward --> Enter your current passward

    but now you forget the passward , you can also remove the passward by following below

    Remove the Forgotten Passward

    --> Insert CD of window xp and boot the computer.Message appear "Press any key to boot from CD"
    --> now press any key and start to boot computer
    --> you are asked for Repair or Format.here you have to press R for repair.
    --> now your files are checked and takes few minutes.
    --> After this , reboot and computer boot normally.now don't press any key
    --> now you will see installling device bar at left corner at below.at that time , press "Shift" and "F10".now command line console will open
    --> now enter the "NUSRMGR.CPL" at the prompt and click "Enter".now it will give you username.now you can remove or change your passward.
    --> After Restarting the computer , you can start your computer normally without passward or your choosen new passward.

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    sai charan Array
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    Re: Clearing administratorís password on Windows XP

    Hello friend,

    To delete the delete user account without logging in is impossible you have to log in to delete any one's user account.
    So you log in to the other's user account and delete your user's account.


    If you are having only one user account and not able to gain access in to it then after typing the password
    for more than 3 times wrong you will get the hint of your password if you have setted it before if you don't
    get it then do as i say below.

    1.This can be solved only by booting your computer.

    2.First insert the OS CD and restart your computer.

    3.Now try to install the OS so it will not ask any password.

    That's it by doing as i said you can make your computer to on without User's account password.

    All the best.........

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Clearing administratorís password on Windows XP

    hi dear friend..........to fix this issue by using the recovermy win password tool

    simply download the tool and install it and recover your password

    and to download this tool visit this website www.recover-windows-password.com

    then after install it and open ........ after that click the reset password disk

    then insert the USB or CD/DVD in to the ROM

    then choose the device(cd/dvd or USB ) from the suggested list

    then click the NEXT ....after the process will begins...and wait untill the completion

    after that using that disk or USB you can login ....without the password


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