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    Concurrent connection problem in windows 7

    Earlier i was using windows xp pro where i was able to use 10 concurrent connection for file sharing. Now i have started using windows 7. I am using the Ultimate version of windows 7 32 bit. Before using this facility here,i just want to know the number of concurrent connections which are allowed in windows 7. Is there any way to check the same in windows 7?

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    Re: Concurrent connection problem in windows 7

    You can use 20 devices to access software installed on a computer where the licensed version of windows 7 is installed. However you can only allow the other device to use File Services, Print Services, Internet Information Services and Internet Connection Sharing and Telephony Services.You can check it manually. For that open Run command,type "winver" and press the enter button on your keyboard.Now click on Microsoft Software License Terms and scroll down to "section 3 f.-Device Connections".
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