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    Connected TV via HDMI Cable not recognized by Windows 8.

    I have connect the TV to my Windows 8 Machine through a HDMI cable but nothing appears on TV and on my machine. Then I have disconnected the monitor and tried again but no progress. Please tell me what procedure I have to follow in order to connect TV to a windows 8 machine?

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    Re: Connected TV via HDMI Cable not recognized by Windows 8.

    HI, Dear friend

    To resolve the above issue .........follow these instructions

    First of all check whether the HDMI cable ...and the HDMI.... Port Working properly or not

    After that ... try to check whether if you have any problem with the OS .......and if you find any ... follow these instructions

    That is press windows key+X combination from the keyboard

    then click on Command prompt( admin ) option and click YES

    now in the command prompt window type sfc/scannow and press ENTER key

    after that completion of process......... try to check again

    and if still the problem persists........simply press windows key+I combination

    then click on CHANGE PC SETTINGS option from the charm bar

    now choose GENERAL option at the left pane .....and click on GET STARTED button under the REFRESH YOUR PC WITHOUT EFFECTING YOUR FILES option at the Right pane

    now follow the screen instructions .....

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

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