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    Contact Name is not visible in my Windows 7 Mobile

    I am using Windows 7 Mobile. Whenever one of the contacts from my mobile made a call to me, their name is not visible on my Screen, even though I have their number along with name in the Contacts. Please, help me in Solving the Problem.

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    Re: Contact Name is not visible in my Windows 7 Mobile


    I am here to help you and i have understood your problem very welly. So thanks for coming on this forum to get your problem solved.For this problem you can do a factory reset go to any care shop to solve your problem.As this problem is related to the terms of use of these companies so you dont have to get yourself worried . Your problem will be solved.Thanks for your interest in this forum . I hope we served you well .
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    Re: Contact Name is not visible in my Windows 7 Mobile

    To search your contact list

    If your list is especially long, search is probably the best way to find something.
    1. On Start, tap People .
    2. Flick to All, tap Search , and then start typing someone's name. The list will filter as you type.
    To use a voice command to call or text a contact

    Try using your voice to make a call or send a textno need for scrolling or searching.
    1. Press and hold the Start button on your phone.
    2. Say "Call" or "Text," and then say the contact's name. You can even dictate a text message.
      When you open Speech, your phone starts listening for a voice command.

    o filter your contact list

    By default, contacts from the accounts you've set up on your phone will appear in your contact list. However, you can filter the list to show contacts only from the accounts you choose. Filtered contacts don't show up in your list, but they're still on your phoneyou can get to them using search.
    1. On Start, flick left to the App list, and then tap Settings .
    2. Flick left to Applications, and then tap People.
    3. Tap Filter my contact list, select the accounts from which you want to show contacts, and then tap Done .

      To filter social updates

      If the volume of posts, comments, and tweets gets to be a bit too much, you can hide the updates from one or more of your social networks. Do one of the following:
      • On Start, flick left to the App list, and then tap Settings > Applications > People. Tap Only show posts from people visible in my contact list. Posts from the social networks you've filtered out of your contact list will no longer be visible in What's new in People.
      • On Start, tap People . Flick to What's new, tap All accounts, and then tap the account you want to view posts from.

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