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    Control panel not opening in Windows Vista

    I have a PC running on Windows Vista 32 bit. Recently Vista is experiencing some problems. I tried to update but I couldn’t open control panel or system properties. I tried it in Safe mode. But it’s still not working. What could be the problem? Is it possible to resolve this problem without reinstalling the OS?

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    Re: Control panel not opening in Windows Vista

    Hi friend...... to solve this issue simply restore your windows by following the below procedure

    first press windows key+r

    now type systempropertiesprotection.exe in the run box and press ENTER key

    then a window will displayed ........in that click on SYSTEM RESTORE button

    choose recomended restore option and click NEXT

    and finally ....click the FINISH button .....then the restore process will begins....

    and if you are unable solve this issue with the .....restore process

    simply insert the DISK in to the ROM and restart the PC ......and select the boot

    and follow the instructions....and at this step
    G.jpg click on repair your computer .....option and follow the remaining instructions

    and solve your issue

    ALL THE BEST....!!!!!

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    Re: Control panel not opening in Windows Vista

    Hello Dear Dude ..

    First of all you need to Update Windows Vista

    Then Restart software Licensing services

    Click on start

    Then type services.msc

    And then in the Start search field you need to Double click on " Software Licensing "

    Click on Restart

    and Set it to Automatic

    Repeat with SL UI Notification Services ...

    And Re install peripherals Drivers

    Then you start opening the system ... then " Control Panel "


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