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    Creating Playlists on HTC Radar

    Even though I was able to create a playlist on my HTC Radar running on Windows 7.5 Mango, I could not select a few songs from my phone. What is the procedure to create a playlist on HTC Radar?

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    Re: Creating Playlists on HTC Radar

    hello friend,

    here are the steps to create a playlist on your htc radar powered by windows 7.5 mango:

    1. Open Zune desktop software on your computer.
    2. Click on collection.
    3. Click on playlist.
    4. Click on new playlist.
    5. Enter a name for your playlist and click OK.
    6. Click on artist
    7. Drag and drop artists, albums, or songs to the Playlist icon.
    8. When you have finished moving files into your playlist,connect your phone to your computer using your USB cable.
    9. Drag and drop the playlist to your phone.
    10. When you have finished synchronizing your phone, click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in your computers system tray.
    11. Click Safely remove Radar 4G.
    12. Disconnect your phone from your computer.


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    Re: Creating Playlists on HTC Radar

    Hey Friend

    You can create playlist as I am giving you these Instructions.
    Please follow these simple steps:-

    1. Swipe the Music Tab from your home screen.
    2. Now tap or slide to the Playlists tab.
    3. Tap Menu, then enter the playlist name, then select Done.
    4. Then, tap the playlist youve just created and select or Add Songs now one by one or randomly.
    5. Now you can begin moving tracks from albums you have saved on your device.
    6. To do this, go into Menu, then Select Album, then tap the album you want.
    7. To do this, check the boxes next to the tracks you want to copy to the playlist, then tap Done.

    Its done now.
    Hope you like It...

    Thank You Dear...

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