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    Customizing Logon sound on Windows 8

    It was possible to customize the Logon sound with Control Panel while using Windows 7 with my system. I canít find such an option in Control Panel after upgrading my system to Windows 8. Is there this option available in Windows 8? Please clarify.

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    Re: Customizing Logon sound on Windows 8

    You can do it with Windows 8 by making some changes in the registry. First of all, open up the ‘Run’ window by pressing the Windows Key+R on the keyboard. Enter regedit into the ‘Open’ field and wait until the Registry window pop up on the screen. Go to the left pane in that window and select HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\WindowsLog on. Locate ExcludeFromCPL key from the right pane. Double click on that key and change the value from 1 to 0. Press the ‘OK’ button afterwards and quit the editor. Get into the sound settings inside Control Panel and see whether it possible to find Windows Logon under ‘Programs events’. You can then customize the Logon sound like you do in Windows 7.

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