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    Daemon tools not mounting image in Windows 7

    I wanted to mount the DVD image in my Windows 7 system with the help of Daemon tools and when I try to do that it just shows as like mounting the image but nothing gets mounted. Why this is happening? Where is the problem? How this can be fixed now?

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    Re: Daemon tools not mounting image in Windows 7

    Hi, Dear friend

    It might be the problem of ... Daemon tools ... or with the respective Image

    So, first of all verify whether the ... inserting image is created properly or not ...... because ... if there is any corruption in the creation of Image then also it behaves like that

    and also some times it may happens with the Daemon tools also..... so, try to.. re-install that software again to... check if it helps

    but before that .. uninstall it from the control oanel

    and then press windows key+R and type regedit and click OK

    after that expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> software

    and then find DT soft key from the left and delete ...it and now Restart the PC

    after that download the ... latest version of DAEMON TOOLS from the www.filehippo.com website

    and now install it .... after that click on ADD IMAGE button... to add it

    and then right click on the added image and choose MOUNT option to... get the solution

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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