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    Dark color on the sides on the Screen on Windows XP

    I turned ON the Windows XP System and see that the both sides on the screen is with dark colors. Pictures on the screen is small and cannot solve the problem. I checked with the connections and are well connected. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Aryan Anand Array
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    Re: Dark color on the sides on the Screen on Windows XP

    Dear Friend!!
    Its the display problem persisting in your monitor.
    You can adjust the screen either via control panel and then go to display setting.
    and then increase the resolution of your monitor OR You can download Graphic media accelator which automatically corrects these problems of screen resolution and blackening.
    You can also adjust the screen by using the menu buttons present on the monitor.

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    ak47 Array
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    Re: Dark color on the sides on the Screen on Windows XP

    dear !!!

    you just simply need to follow these steps.......

    1.goto control panel
    2. open display then display property box appears
    3. select setting tab from there
    4. choose resolution setting
    5.increase /decrease it according to the screen resolution
    6.choose color quality medium,high,highest
    7.apply the settings .

    and when you exit from that box you will find that the change will be save.................

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