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    Defender crashes everytime I scan folder in Windows 8

    I am having a problems with windows defender. everytime I do a custom scan on a folder with malware, windows defender crashes and I canít start the service. I have to restart windows to get windows defender working again. can someone please assist me on this issue. I really think is a bug with windows 8 64bit release preview build 8400. just for clarification I am not infected, I just collect malware and usually like to test out security programs. and I just wanted to check the security features of windows 8. Please help me out.

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    Re: Defender crashes everytime I scan folder in Windows 8

    Hello there !!!

    it seems that your windows defender has gone to be corrupt.

    yes you are right that there are a lot many bugs in windows 8 64 bit customer release preview.
    since you are saying that you are not infected.
    and your defender got to corrupt.
    it seems to be ironic.

    so let me tell you that windows defender can't goes to corrupt in normal case.
    there might be something critical issue related to the defender.
    and let me tell you that if there be any bug into your system than also your windows defender can't got to go corrupt. ok??

    so i will suggest you to update your windows defender.
    and then try to scan your whole system.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.

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    Re: Defender crashes everytime I scan folder in Windows 8

    HELLO ,

    This error is normally caused due to temprorary error

    Switching OFF and then swithcing windows defender ON will fix this problem

    Follow these instructions to turn Defender ON/OFF:-

    1--Open Windows Defender by clicking the Start button .

    2--In the search box, type Defender, and then, in the list of results, click Windows Defender.

    3--Click Tools, and then click Options.

    4--Click Administrator, select or clear the Use this program check box, and then click Save.

    Or If it doesnt work run the Fix it utility from microsoft www.microsoft.com/fixit/

    It will automatically find out and rectify it....


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    Re: Defender crashes everytime I scan folder in Windows 8

    hi, dear friend

    Possibly you can solve this by updating the Defender only

    So, first of all press windows key+W and type windows Defender

    and now click on windows defender from the left pane

    then click on HOME link from the top of the window

    and now click on check for updates now button

    and wait for the completion of process

    after that again run the windows defender ... and resolve the issue

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Defender crashes everytime I scan folder in Windows 8

    Hello friend,

    Its not a big problem,please go to the your system home screen,

    After this open the desktop,

    Then open the control panel>windows defender,

    Now click to update the windows defender and the update complete and restart your windows 8 system,

    After this please scan your system normally and remove the unwanted programs files and apps in your system,

    Then you use the normally,

    I hope this information use full to you,


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