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    Defender Real Time protection is not starting in Windows 8

    I am running Windows 8 Release Preview Evaluation Copy Build 8400 on a 32-bit HP Elitebook 2740p. Defender starts but displays message 'Real time protection is turned off. You should turn it on'. It will not start - when I attempt starting manually it attempts for 30-40 seconds and then displays error message: "Some history items could not be displayed. please wait a few minutes and try again. If that doesn't work, clear the history and then try again". There are no items in history to delete. The Defender Service is running and I've tried changing this to start automatically, automatically and manually but found no change. Please help me out.

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    samara Array
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    Re: Defender Real Time protection is not starting in Windows 8

    Follow these steps to resolve your issue,

    1:Go to start menu by pressing windows button on the keyboard

    2:In start menu type in like this, "WINDOWS DEFENDER"

    3:Select windows defender from the search results

    4:In windows defender window, go to advanced tab

    5:In advanced tab you will find "TURN ON REAL TIME PROTECTION (RECOMMENDED)" check box

    6:Check the check box with your mouse pointer

    7:Finally click on save changes

    8:Now your windows defender will turn on with out any error or issue

    That's it over!

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    Re: Defender Real Time protection is not starting in Windows 8

    Hi dear friend............to enable the Real time protection option....follow these instructions

    first press Windows key+Q combination from the keyboard

    and type in the search box as windows defender

    now click on windows defender at the left pane

    after that choose the settings TAB .......and select the real time protection option at the left pane

    Now select the turn on real time protection option

    and click on SAVE CHANGES button

    ALL THE BEST.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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