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    Deleted Ubuntu partition and getting problem with that in XP

    I deleted the partition containing Ubuntu OS and right after that whenever I try to to boot my PC it says “Grub not found” and it’s not able to boot with the Windows XP OS which I have. Can you tell me how to fix this problem and make my PC work? It just laying now without any use. Please do help me in this.

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    Re: Deleted Ubuntu partition and getting problem with that in XP

    This problem is nothing at all about Linux, and you desperately need to get my laptop back up and running again.To remove Ubuntu, you will need a Windows Recovery CD or Installation CD, or a Ubuntu Live CD.To remove GRUB:
    1.Grab a Windows recovery media or installation CD and boot from it. You should see this on a recovery media.
    2.Open the Command Prompt, then type*bootrec /fixmbr*into the Command Prompt.
    3.*Reboot and boot into Windows. Then follow the steps below to remove the Ubuntu partitions.

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    Re: Deleted Ubuntu partition and getting problem with that in XP


    No need to delete. It will cause break in grub. Xp won't be bootable.

    Just put the live cd/usb and reinstall ubuntu.That will solve the problem.
    If you really want to delete partition, open disk management in XP (diskmgmt.msc) and right click on ubuntu drives and click delete.

    Now to fix the boot, boot using windows xp disk. Open recovery console and type fixboot and fixmbr commands.
    Since you have deleted the partition and want to re install ubuntu as duel boot. Do the followings,

    Boot using ubuntu live usb/cd.
    Choose "Do something else" in ubuntu installer.
    Select the free space created by deleting ubuntu previously. (If there is no free space, probably you have formatted the drrive with ntfs. Locate the drive and click on delete.). Now click on ADD. Enter a small amount of space Like 1024MB, and choose SWAP from the filesystem dropdown.
    Again click on the remaining free space. This time choose File system as ext4 and mount point as /. Now you are good to go for installation.After installation all OS will be accessible.
    Do you want to install Ubuntu again? if yes, follow Web-E's answer. If you only want to use XP, and you have a grub-rescue > prompt at boot screen,

    try entering these command:
    ls to see all the partion.
    detect your XP partition.
    Set the root device by entering set root=(hd0,msdosX), where X refers to the partition where XP resides.(assuming you have only one disk)
    Then enter chainloader +1 command
    then type boot and press enter
    It will boot the computer to XP. After booting to the Xp, you should reenable the Xp's bootloader. download the bootsect.exe file from here here . Open cmd.exe with Administrative power, and cd to the directory where you downloaded the file and enter this command bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force /mbr. Now restart to see whether this works. (XP will by default open the cmd.exe as administrator).

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    Re: Deleted Ubuntu partition and getting problem with that in XP

    hello friend . . .

    You are already done a unknown operation but you can easily fix it.
    Ubuntu operating system takes the responsibility of the booting of other operating system information.
    In generally the boot Information is loaded on the Bootmgr in windows.
    if you install Ubuntu related Linux operating system if will provide boot loader. that's name is GRUB loader.
    Thus grub is loads already previous installed operating systems booting information.
    If you delete the grub or Ubuntu operating we can lost all the information of booting other operating systems.

    Now we want to repair the boot loader information is now follow these steps carefully.
    1. Put the windows CD/DVD bootable cd on CD/DVD ROM.
    2. Restart the operating system once.
    3. go to cd boot.
    4. lunch the repair the section.
    5. a command prompt is provided for us.
    6. type the command bootrec /fxmbr
    7. restart the operating system.

    The previous Ubuntu Operating system is Deleted and Windows xp is booted.

    If you have a problem with that. Follow these given steps carefully.

    1. Insert windows xp bootable cd or dvd.
    2. Restart once of your system.
    3. Install the new windows xp operating system In the place Ubuntu operating system drive.
    4. and setup the internet.
    5. Download and install the easyBSD.
    6. Create new bootable instance for previous windows xp operating system.
    7. restart and observer the effect of the EasyBSD.

    All the best
    Thanks . . . .

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    Re: Deleted Ubuntu partition and getting problem with that in XP


    Please follow these steps to Format Partition of Ubonto on Windows Xp:

    >> Please Go to Desktop

    >> Press Window key + R

    >> Type cmd in Run dialog box

    >> Now Type Commmand "format <your Drive name:>

    >> Press enter

    That's It

    All the Best

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