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    Deleting shortcut to a program which does not exist in Windows 7

    I had installed a game in my PC which runs in Windows 7. As there was no graphics card, it did not work well. Hence I uninstalled the game. Now I cannot delete the shortcut created in desktop for this uninstalled game. Is there any way to do so?

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Deleting shortcut to a program which does not exist in Windows 7

    hi dear friend............to delete the game shortcut....after uninstalling the GAME follow the given instructions...

    first uninstall the Game from the programs and feature and also from the register

    and also delete the entries from the HOME DRIVE ...

    then click the start menu and open the control panel

    after that click on the system and security option

    and now click on Administrative tools option

    after that double click on the disk cleanup tool

    and choose the HOME DRIVE that is C: drive and click next

    then click DELETE button

    then your shortcut will be deleted

    and if it is not deleted .....then double click on it .....and Directly it will shows the dilogue box ......in that click DELETE button


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    Re: Deleting shortcut to a program which does not exist in Windows 7

    Hello friend...

    It is normal problem when you uninstall the any program they leave the some folder and file in the computer because they are used by the computer. it is easy to delete this file and folder easy...

    To delete the shortcut follow these process...

    Firstly you press the Ctrl+Alt+Del key then go to process bar and select the file name then delete it...

    After you delete the shortcut..

    if it is not working you go to safe mode press F8 when do the computer start and select the safe mode..

    here you select the shortcut file then delete it...

    all the Best!!

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    Re: Deleting shortcut to a program which does not exist in Windows 7


    Sometimes this situations occur due to unrecognizable behavior of the uninstaller while most of the time it removes all traces but why this happens sometimes.

    Anyway something can be done which i`m suggesting you, try this.

    Right Click on "Start" and start "Windows Explorer", Click "Desktop" ,click on the right side of top status bar and set the view to detail.

    Repeat with Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop ., Click and delete to the shortcut as you find them.

    You should be able to delete it now.

    Also you can take help of third party cleaner to clean the system from these unwanted shortcut and programs, available in the internet .


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