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    Deletion of Problem Report History in Windows 7

    I am using Windows 7 in my System. I know that my Problem Report History is full. I want to clear it now. I do not know how to do that. I need your help in clearing it’s History. Please, anyone help me in this Issue.

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    Re: Deletion of Problem Report History in Windows 7

    Follow these Simple Steps.

    STEP 1: Click Start >> Control Panel.
    STEP 2: Click on View Maintenance >> View Reliability History.
    STEP 3: Click “Check for Solutions to Problem Reports” area.
    STEP 4: Click “View all Problem Reports” at the Bottom.
    STEP 5: To delete one Problem, right - click on it and select “Delete” and give Confirmation.
    STEP 6: To delete all problems, click “Clear all Problem History” at the Bottom.
    STEP 7: Click “Clear All”.
    STEP 8: Click “Ok” and your Problem is Solved.
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    Re: Deletion of Problem Report History in Windows 7

    Dear friends..

    See Task bar Icon Action center icon..

    Click that Action center icon.

    Now expand Maintenance arrow and then click view history..

    Now click on check for solution to problem reports..

    Next click on view problem reports and responses..

    Link given below bottom of the Reliability of Monitor

    Now in the Problem History window right click on the problem to deleted and select delete.

    To delete button in conformation dialog box...

    I hope it will help you

    Thank you and All the best..

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    Re: Deletion of Problem Report History in Windows 7

    follow there simple step no need to go to control penal....
    1) Go to computer
    2) right click on the drive that holds your windows installation usually its C: drive
    3) from the menu appear after right clicking on c: drive go to properties.
    4) now from the general tab select Disk cleanup option.
    5) It will take some time to scan these dump files juz wait till the menu appear.
    6) on disk cleanup menu check mark files you want to delete like temporary internet files, error reporting etc and click OK

    now all done ENJOY>>

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    Re: Deletion of Problem Report History in Windows 7

    hi my dear friend...........to delete the report history of windows 7 follow the given instructions

    first click the start menu and open the control panel

    after that click the system and security option

    then click the administrative tools option

    after that double click on the disk cleanup tool short cut

    then select the HOME DRIVE that is C drive and click OK button

    then select the system achieved error reports and per user archived error reports

    then click the OK button ......

    and after that click the DELETE option .........

    then the error report files will be deleted ............ALL THE BEST

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    Re: Deletion of Problem Report History in Windows 7


    You have a number of options which you can explore, they are mentioned below.

    To delete a single problem report,

    Click Start > Control Panel > View Maintenance > View Reliability History > Check for Solutions to Problem Reports >View all Problem Reports>Right Click on a problem > Delete.
    To delete group problem report,

    Click “Clear all Problem History” > Click “Clear All” , Click “Ok”.

    Another way is to use the option "DiskCleanup" provided by Windows, whick clears the system from lots of dispensable files those accumulated in the system.
    Goto Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools and you will find DiskCleanup Feature, use that.


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