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    Dell Inspiron laptop connects to the Wifi but shows "no internet access"

    Hi this is Ram here. I don't know whether this question has been asked before or not but I am asking it again. Please forgive me, if i am asking it again. Actually I have a dell inspiron laptop having model number n4030. I am using windows 7 in it and initially it worked fine for me as well but I am not able to use the wifi network of my college. In wifi network,it detects the wireless connection without any issue and shows connected as well but the message which appears in the taskbar is "no internet access". Due to this,I am not able to access internet. What should I do to fix this issue?

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    Re: Dell Inspiron laptop connects to the Wifi but shows "no internet access"

    Dear Friend!!
    This problem can be raised if the proxy settings are enabled on your device.
    Go to your default browser, and its settings and in the advanced,(for connections) if the box for "use proxy" is checked, then uncheck that.
    And also if the problem persists, then connect the WiFi, then right click the button which shows "no internet access" and click "troubleshoot".
    All the problem would be troubleshooted itself by windows...

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