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    Desktop icon issues with Samsung machine with Windows OS

    The desktop icons on my Samsung machine with Windows OS are unresponsive since I did an antivirus installation. I tried rebooting the system but the problem is still the same. How to activate the desktop icons now?

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    SoftwareWD Array
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    Re: Desktop icon issues with Samsung machine with Windows OS

    hi there,

    you can uninstall the software and may use another antivirus. If this does not solve your problem, you can restore your system to an earlier time.

    procedure to restore system :

    Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

    hope you find it favorable.

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    Re: Desktop icon issues with Samsung machine with Windows OS

    My friend,
    Check that some one has not play trick on you.It may possible that some one has taken print screen of your desktop and placed it as your wall paper.And hid your desktop icons.
    Try to create to new link on your desktop and check it if it works fine,then your system is fine.
    Right click on your desktop,then click show desktop icons.

    All the best.

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    Re: Desktop icon issues with Samsung machine with Windows OS

    i have few doubts about your problem, unresponsive means whether you are not able to open it or not able to select with mouse.

    what happens when you right click on the icon on your desktop. its okay... if you have this problem now try to restore your system to earlier state.
    procedure to restore your settings.

    press win+r keys
    type "rstrui.exe"

    where you will find recommended restore date.
    click on the date when your system had worked properly.
    clik ok

    after restoring Restart your system.

    happy to assist you

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    Re: Desktop icon issues with Samsung machine with Windows OS

    dear friend,
    the information provided by you is not up to the mark.any ways i will give a solution for it .
    1)as you said that desktop icons are not working means that they are not configured properly so do the following thing
    2)now restart your system in the following manner i hope this will work for you
    3)go to control panel and select backup and restore
    4)click on the restore and follow the instructions and after restore completes reboot your system ...

    the another method is
    1)to change your operating system because the os you are using is not configured properly so use another os

    i hope this will help you.....................

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    Re: Desktop icon issues with Samsung machine with Windows OS

    As, you have stated the icons on desktop have become unresponsive . so Try to uninstall the Antivirus that have created this problem. Then Reinstall it again .

    Steps To Uinstall Software:-

    1. Click on start
    2. Click on control Panel
    3. Then click on "Unistall a program" option in "Program and Features option"
    4. Then a list all program already intalled on pc will be shown
    5. Select a problem that is creating a problem .
    6. Then click unistall

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