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    Dictionary software fails to start in the startup programs

    I installed a dictionary software in my Windows 7 OS but the problem is it use to start during the bootup of the OS but whenever it tries to start I get a error dialog box saying “Failed to start”. What is the issue with this dictionary software? Can you tell me if there is anyway to fix this and use it properly? If not can you suggest me some good dictionary softwares for Windows OS?

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    Libin Array
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    Re: Dictionary software fails to start in the startup programs

    Hey friend...

    Well its totally depend upon the installation process that how you installed a particular software according to your convenience.
    Whenever you installed any setup or software, you always get an option to choose or run a program at start up.
    A little pop-up box always appears during installation on the software.
    So select it now and it will proceed with a Green Right mark.
    Then go further and proceed the other option.
    Complete the setup, restart the window and check out the start program.
    Here you get the software in the list.

    thanks dear...

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    Re: Dictionary software fails to start in the startup programs


    From your observation it seems the dictionary is unable to be operational due to bad installation, or by some installation later which made the dictionary corrupt or inactive.

    Do take initiative of installing the version of windows you are using now with a custom setting and that will settle everything.

    try that.

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    Re: Dictionary software fails to start in the startup programs

    hi dear friend..........

    there may be a problem in the Dictionary software

    if the software .....is not installed ...properly of missing file causes the message Failed to start appears

    and if the auto run file .....missing the also the above message appears

    so, to fix this issue ........Re-install the program( dictionary software ) again

    and before the re-installation of ......program first you need to completely remove the previous .....one

    for that click on the start menu and open the control panel

    then after click the programs option

    and after click the programs and features option

    then ....there you find your program and choose it and click on the uninstall option which is located at the top of the window

    then follow the simple instructions.................and uninstall it .................thank you!!!!!!!!

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