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    Disabled the HDMI sound in windows vista

    I was just trying to watch some streaming videos on Netflix from my computer to TV through HDMI cable. During this process,i experienced a strange issue. There were no sound on TV. I checked it multiple times but failed to find any fix so visited Device Manager in my computer,navigated to sound and disabled it. Once done that,it is not appearing in the list. Now it had created lot of problem for me.How can i enable the same.Kindly help..

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    Re: Disabled the HDMI sound in windows vista

    To enable it,click on start button on your windows vista computer and type "devmgmt.msc" in the search box and hit the Enter button on your keyboard. Now Expand the Sound, Video and Game Controllers option.Then right click on "Sound" and choose the enable option. Once done,restart your computer. It should work perfectly. If it is not working then you will have to reinstall the sound card driver. If you don't have the driver then visit the system manufacturer website and download the sound driver compatible with windows vista and install the same on your computer. Once done,restart your computer and you are done.
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    Re: Disabled the HDMI sound in windows vista

    Try the following steps and check the result.

    Step 1: Check if any of the sound items in the device manager is disabled. If yes, then enable it. To do this, try these steps.
    1. Click Start, type devmgmt.msc and hit enter.
    2. Expand Sound, video and game controllersí item.
    3. Right click the sub sound items and click enable.
    4. Restart the computer and check the result.

    Step 2: Reinstall the sound card driver.
    1. Visit the system manufacturer website, download the Vista compatible sound card driver and install it.
    2. Restart the computer once the driver is installed.


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    Re: Disabled the HDMI sound in windows vista

    1. Click Start, and then Control Panel.
    2. Click Hardware and Sounds, and then click managing audio devices.
    3. Click on Playback tab
    3. In empty space of playback devices right click and use the option to show all disabled devices, you should get a popup up with digital output HDMI.
    4. If you find digital HDMI output Device, right click on it and set it as default communication device

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