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    Disabling pen feedback on Windows 8

    I am currently using Wacom Intuos 4 tablet running on Windows 8. I donít want to use the pen feedback feature in the device. How can I turn it off?

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    Re: Disabling pen feedback on Windows 8

    Hold down the Windows Key+ R on the keyboard until the ‘Run’ dialog box pop up on the screen. Type gpedit.msc into the ‘Open’ field and press the ‘Enter’ key. Tap the ‘User Configuration’ option afterwards and select ‘Administrative Templates’ option. The next step required is to tap the ‘Windows Components’ option. After that, you need to navigate into Tablet PC -> Cursors. You can then find ‘Turn off pen feedback’ option on the screen. Double click on that option and choose ‘Enabled’ option. Then, tap on both ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ buttons one after the other.

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    Re: Disabling pen feedback on Windows 8

    REisabling pen feedback on Windows 8

    Thank you for posting the query!
    Good to hear that you are using Windows 8.

    Check if it works:

    a. Hold Windows key + X and select Control Panel, tapping Mobile PC, and then tapping Pen and Input Devices.

    b. Tap the Pointer Options tab.

    c. Under Dynamic feedback, select the visual feedback that you want to turn on or off, and then tap OK.

    Please let us know the results of the provided steps; also feel free to post us if you face Windows issue in future.
    I would be happy to help!


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    Re: Disabling pen feedback on Windows 8

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say..........

    1.Firstly go to the start screen.

    2.There you hold 'Windows Key + X'.

    3.Later select the 'Control Panel'.

    4.Then tap on the 'Mobile PC'.

    5.Then you tap on the option 'Pen and Input Devices'.

    6.Then tap on the 'Pointer Options' tab.

    7.There you select the 'Visual Feedback'.

    8.And select the option 'Turn Off' and tap OK.

    Have a nice day.............

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