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    Disk Management Console view not updating on Windows Vista

    I have recently found the Disk Management Console view is not up-to-date on my PC running on Windows Vista. It is not possible to access Partition Disk #0 or Partition #1 after trying to fix the issue. What are the procedures to fix up this issue?

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    Re: Disk Management Console view not updating on Windows Vista

    Click the ‘Start’ button and type diskpart into the search box. Press the ‘Enter’ key afterwards and locate diskpart from the search results. Right click on it and select ‘Run as Administrator’ option. When the diskpart loads on your system, type list volume and hit the ‘Enter’ key. This will bring up all the partitions on the screen. You need to type select volume 6 into the diskpart which will replace 6 with the volume number. To replace the Z letter, type 'assign letter Z' command into diskpart. Replace the ‘letter’ in the command with the letter you want to assign. Get into the device manager of the system and re-install the USB drivers for resolving the Disk Management Console issue. Choose the ‘Control Panel’ from start menu once you press the ‘Start’ button. Locate ‘System and Maintenance’ option from ‘Control Panel’ window and click on it. You can then click on ‘Device Manager’ option and enter administrator password or provide confirmation if prompted. Find out USB driver from available list and right click on it. Click the ‘Uninstall’ option afterwards and restart the PC to re-install it.

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    Re: Disk Management Console view not updating on Windows Vista

    Hello Guest,
    --->At an elevated(Administrator account) command prompt, type the command "diskpart" without quotes.
    --This shall give you a result something like microsoft diskpart version 6.0 and at termination "DISKPART>"
    --Quickly enter the command list disk(this will show the disks available on your PC)
    --YOu shall see a list with the status of your disks. e.g. 0-Primary disk(fixed), 1- Secondary disk [variable](Mostly derivation of Primary, but can be used to format your system hard drive, in common language USB KEY/FLASH DRIVE, 2- CD/DVD drive - IN A LOGICALLY FORMATTED SYSYTEM!
    Now, let's start........ Type the list disk command.
    After that, type list volume....
    Marking the active partition: select disk 1 (replace 1 with your usb key # listed in the list disk)
    type active disk 1 - the result should be "Disk 1 is now the active disk"
    to ensure you are going correct, type the command list volume
    You shall see your usb key marked with an asterisk.... implying you are safe to use disk cleanup procedure!!
    --now type the command active primary partition and hit enter key.
    result should be something like "Disk # is now active and primary partition"...
    ----next type ASSIGN and hit enter, if the Autoplay dialog box opens up, then fine, else you might have to format your usb key using "format (Drive letter=volume label)/fs: ntfs" volume label refers to the drive letter assigned to your usb key by diskpart. Replace ntfs with fat32/fat16 etc... in my case ntfs was the suitable option!
    Thank YOU. hOPE THIS helps.
    Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance buddy! :-)

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    Re: Disk Management Console view not updating on Windows Vista

    Hello dear friend .

    Go to Start menu and RUN

    Edit in the search box as Diskpart and hit enter , you will find the partitions ,

    Replace the volume with the number of your choice i.e giving priority to the Disk .

    Go to the device manager and update the USB drivers for the resolving of problem of Disk management console .

    and defrag the disks if required , Turn on the Regular updates .

    Thank you..

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