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    Display driver not responding in windows 7 PC

    I use AMD 12.8.I was playing game. Certainly the display driver stopped responding and caused my game to crash. It was quite irritating. To recover from this, I restarted my PC and it recovered successfully as well. I just want to know whether there is any stable version of Drivers suitable for my PC? Is there any other way to solve this type of issues?

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    lee sin Array
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    Re: Display driver not responding in windows 7 PC

    May be your driver version is older . you need to update your graphics driver

    Go to the official site of AMD here

    Here you can manually download your drivers by filling the necessary details

    You can also refer to the videos provided by AMD at the bottom of the page
    - Identify you graphics card
    - Download drivers
    - Uninstall old drivers
    - Install new driver

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    old monk Array
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    Re: Display driver not responding in windows 7 PC

    Hello friend ,

    To resolve this problem you have to re-install the driver of you graphic card.


    Sometimes few driver files of driver gone crashed after the long time use . Now you have to completely uninstall your driver and then install it using

    the cd which you get on the purchase of amd graphic card or if you want to see or download the new driver for amd graphics then
    click here

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    Re: Display driver not responding in windows 7 PC

    hello friend . . .

    We have so many reasons for not working the graphic drivers .
    Those reasons are:
    1. may be Driver crashed due to the flash support incompatibility.
    some time the flash player support is not compatibilie with graphic drivers so those graphic driver is not working proper.
    So update you flash player . you can easily fix it.
    2. May be the Driver software is uninstalled effected by some software installation.
    Some software installation Graphic properties are not allowed . on that time Software installation process the Graphic Driver is removed.
    Don't worry about this situation re-install you graphic driver successfully loaded the Graphic properties to screen.
    3. Some time Display Driver are crashed by the Game emulator or Game related driver Software.
    In that particular situation try install the Graphic driver again . or uninstall the Games Driver.
    4. hardware failures.
    when any hardware failures the display driver is not loaded some time.
    So for this problrm Go to Hardware store repaire it.


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