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    Double click fails to open drives and folders

    My PC runs on Windows XP. Recently I formatted my system and changed the drive icons. I also changed the folder file type from the Folder options. Then I downloaded a few icons from the internet and used the icons for many folders and 1 drive. Now I canít open the drive by double clicking, neither can I open folders in the same way. Will changing everything back fix the problem? Are there any easier ways?

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    savneybillford Array
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    Re: Double click fails to open drives and folders

    Dear guest,One possible solution for your problem is this. Mostly its unlikely that this may be the issue. But I suggest you check it out before looking for something complex..1. Click on start.2. Select control panel.3. Click on the mouse and pointer options I the hardware section.4. Reduce the files and folder open option slider to a slower rate.5. Beside there will be a folder given so that you can double click it so to find if your required speed has been met.6. After you are done click on apply.. Thank you..

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    Re: Double click fails to open drives and folders

    Hi dear friend..........you can solve this issue .....by the mouse settings and folder settings

    but the problem may not be solved.......because some times ...if we change mouse settings ....then also it does not works ( why I'm saying like this is to.........because i Faced the same problem .....)

    So, the best solution is to.........restore the windows that is ... ..follow these

    first go to the start menu and open the control panel

    then click all programs .......and point the Accessories

    now click on system tools option

    now choose system restore option from the suggested list

    then click NEXT and select the restore to previous state option and click NEXT ( if you already create the restore point other wise create the restore point and continue )

    then choose the DRIVE and that is default .......drive it is automatically chosen by the windows then click NEXT

    and after click save settings and run button

    then after your process will begins ........wait until the completion of process

    after that your problem will be resolved..........ALL THE BEST

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    sunny1 Array
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    Re: Double click fails to open drives and folders


    The answer for your query is.

    Go to the Control Panel.
    And open the Appearance and Themes.
    Open the Folder Options.
    Make a tick to 'Double click to open an item.
    And save those changes.

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    development Array
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    Re: Double click fails to open drives and folders

    Hello My Dear Dude ...

    I think it got stucked

    If you reset them then the problem will be solved

    Go to the Start then you need to choose the Default Programs

    After that go to the " Change Autoplay settings "

    then click the Default button at the Bottom

    There you can Reset All Settings


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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Double click fails to open drives and folders

    The problem that you are encountering currently may have generated due to a number of reasons, among which the most possibles are as follows :

    1. the mouse sensitivity is too much leading the software failing to understand what the commands are comming out of the mouse.
    Click Start, in the Search Box type, mouse and press enter.
    Click the mouse option to enter settings,
    Select click speed to somewhat lower by adjusting the slider.
    exit. Try the folder if it is opening or not.

    2. In case the speed adjustment fails, you can think about a System Recovery,
    go to start--all programs--accessories--system tools--system recovery, and recover to a previous period.
    This will erase all data, remove additional fikes and installations which you have installed recently, so back up everything necessary before recovering the system.

    3. If sywtem recovery fails, think about a Repair Install option using the installer diskette. backup first.

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    navjotsidhupamal Array
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    Re: Double click fails to open drives and folders

    My dear friend,

    There are two options by which you can solve this problem.The first solution is by changing the mouse settings and folder settings.So to change these settings you have

    to follow the below step:

    1.Click on start
    2.Select Control Panel
    3.Click on mouse and pointer options.
    4.Change the settings


    And the second solution is to recover the window and this can be done by below steps:

    1.Go to start menu
    2.Open control panel
    3.Click all programs
    4.Go for accessories
    5.Click on system tool
    6.Select system restore option.
    7.Click on NEXT.

    8.Select restore to previous state option.
    9.Click on NEXT.
    10.Then choose the drive.
    11.Click on NEXT.
    12.Click on Save Setting.
    13.Then the process will begins and wait until the completion of process.
    14.When the process is completed then your problem is resolved.

    Thank u!!

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Double click fails to open drives and folders

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.............

    1.Firstly make a click on the Start menu.

    2.Later you open the 'Control panel'.

    3.Then you click and open the option 'Appearance and Themes'.

    4.There you open the 'Folder Options'.

    5.And select the option 'Double Click to open an item'.

    6.At last you click on 'Apply' and then 'OK'.

    Have a nice day...........

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    DISCOVER Array
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    Re: Double click fails to open drives and folders

    Dear User ...

    Answers Steps ==:

    1st ===> Open your computer

    2nd ===> After that go to the Control Panel.

    3rd ===> And open the Appearance and Themes.

    4th ===> Open the Folder Options.

    5th ===> Make a tick to 'Double click to open an item.

    6th ===> And save those changes.

    ALL Done .....

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    kapil Array
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    Re: Double click fails to open drives and folders

    If you double click is goes wrong.
    then don't worry i give you solution ..
    Just follow the steps.
    Go in control panel>mouse>cursor.
    There you have to choose "double click"
    And it will solve your problem.
    I hope it will helpful for you.

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