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    Download timing out in Windows Vista

    I have a PC running in Windows Vista. All the download from the web browser stops when they are almost complete, usually at 99%. I use Mozilla Firefox web browser. Firefox browser extended the registry timeout after I changed it to 240 seconds for timeout. My internet connection has a fast data rate. I also use Internet Download Manager. How can I fix this problem?

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    nikil kumar Array
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    Re: Download timing out in Windows Vista

    Hello friend...

    This is not the problem of your web browser like mozilla firefox.

    I think it is most likely a server-side issue i.e., the problem lies with the server because of sending the file.

    In this case there is nothing you can expect to try again later.

    A less likely cause is your security software, which could be interrupting the download.

    So once reinstall your security software and try again.

    Or else as you have said that you are using the internet download manager, so once uninstall and reinstall the download manager and try it once..

    Ok this may help you... If not what is the problem reply that in detail.

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