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    Downloaded file cannot be seen in the specified folder.

    I had downloaded some movies through torrent. But once the download was over I checked for it in Downloads folder under My Documents which was the Default folder but it was not there. Then I made a Search and found the movie file was in the same folder that I had checked before. The file was not hidden. Then why can’t I see that?

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    Re: Downloaded file cannot be seen in the specified folder.

    1- Files are not hidden
    2- I'm using an Admin account, I have Full Control over the files/folders and have checked all permissions
    3- Tried copying files to another folder but the copies cannot be seen through My Computer (unless I use the explorer session that I ran through firefox "open containing folder")
    4- Copied files onto a USB drive, connected the drive to another PC but still can't see them. Connected the drive back to my PC, the file is there but only through that explorer session that I ran through firefox)
    5- I have Ubuntu installed (Dual boot) still can't see the files still.

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    Re: Downloaded file cannot be seen in the specified folder.


    dear friend,

    At first log on to your computer as administrator.

    Since you've already downloaded the movies, so it is present in your computer.

    This file may be in hidden condition so that you're not able to see it.

    There are several way by which you can solve this problem.

    Open the destination folder & click on the Organize option.
    Click on Folder & Search option & select the View tab.
    Check the box beside "Show hidden folders & files" option & click on apply+OK.

    Click on the Start button & type the name of the file in the Search box.
    If you find the file name then right click on it.
    You may click to open the destination folder or you can play it directly.

    Go to User account option & search all the folders (Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music) for the file.

    Go to User Account Control under user accounts & Turn OFF the parental control option.

    Sometimes some software doesn't store the downloaded/processed file to the destination folder-though it completes the task.
    I've seen the same thing for some different kind of software.
    If this occurred in your case then I strongly recommend you to change the destination folder as desktop from the next time.

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    Re: Downloaded file cannot be seen in the specified folder.

    My dear friend,

    The file that is not seen in your destination folder may be hidden because it not happen that you have download something in your computer and it will not be seen.

    If your file is hidden then please try to make non- hidden it.

    Go to organize option and then folder & search option then view then show hidden files,folders and drives.

    Then if you make the folder non-hidden then go to the hidden folder and then right click and properties.

    In the properties ,click on read only not hidden.

    And if you then also not seen it then go to documents and then downloads because i think you have not changed the specify(path) folder.

    Thank u!

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    Re: Downloaded file cannot be seen in the specified folder.

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...................

    1.Open your browser and then click on 'Settings'.

    2.Then you click on the option 'Downloads' and a new page will open.

    3.There you click on the option 'Open Downloads Folder'.

    4.If you cannot get that file there also then you go to the start menu.

    5.And then type the name of that torrent file so you may get where it is downloaded.

    6.If you cannot get that file then the problem is with your browser it is not downloading the file.

    Have a nice day..................

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