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    Is dual boot possible on key press?

    I’m planning to install Ubuntu on my Windows Vista computer. I would like to boot them based on key press that is if I press the key Ubuntu should be loaded and if I don’t windows should. How can this be made possible?

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    Re: Is dual boot possible on key press?

    There are some more options that you got to consider for this. If you want Ubuntu to run without interfering with the boot loader of windows you need to decide where Ubuntu will go to, either to the second root partition or without a swap partition. For a dual boot up setup you will need the same form of entry for both the OS. The option that would be best for dual boot up would include VistaBCD which will work when Ubuntu is installed on a separate drive together with Vista host drive temporarily unplugged to prevent thrashing the Windows. In order to directly boot into Ubuntu you will still need some intervention. To save all these inconvenience it would be better to stick up with prompt.

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    Re: Is dual boot possible on key press?

    I wont got your question correctly on key press?
    at start up you can set priority to windows so it start without pressing any key(after 30 sec , you can minimize the time to 10 sec)

    and when you press down arrow you have to select ubuntu then it will load

    else another way is to use virtual box with the help of that you can install linux in windows

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    Re: Is dual boot possible on key press?

    yes my dear friend you can install Ubuntu over Vista. be sure that VISTA is installed first. if you dont do like this your MBR will be over written and you will have only Ubuntu in your system.

    Considering you question, you dont need to do anything special for such options because when ever system start it will ask you to choose which OS

    depending upon the necessity you can select it. But if you don't select any OS automatically the first option will be started. Hope you understand.

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