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    Dual boot of windows 8 and windows 7 on the same machine

    Can I have a dual boot of windows 8 and windows 7? What are the steps? I live and love windows 7 but want to try out windows 8 so can I have two OS on same machine? Can I do it on my existing machine or do I need to purchase new hardware for my pc? Somebody please help??

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    aditya807 Array
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    Re: Dual boot of windows 8 and windows 7 on the same machine


    To make your system as dual boot system with Windows 8 and Windows 7 try these steps...

    ====>Insert windows 8 OS DVD into DVD writer.
    ====>Install windows 8 into your system.
    ====>After installing of Windows 8 try to install Windows 7.
    ====>Insert windows 7 OS DVD into DVD writer.
    ====>Start the installing setup.
    ====>During the installation setup will asks you the location where you want to install that.
    ====>Select location different from the location where Windows 8 installed.
    ====>Select different location and click on install.
    ====>After installing of windows 7 at different location your system will be dual boot system.

    Try this i hope this will help you...

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    samara Array
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    Re: Dual boot of windows 8 and windows 7 on the same machine

    Of course you can do windows 8 along with windows 7 operating system with out any issue!

    No you don't need any hard change for installing dual boot! You need to make confirm that your system supports windows 8 or not that's it!

    Follow these steps to resolve your issue,

    1:First of all, put windows 8 operating system disc into your dvd drive

    2:After that, open windows 8 dvd

    3ouble click on the setup file

    4:Then installation will automatically starts

    5:Then after some time system will ask you to set the destination of the windows 8 installation

    6:Now select another local disk that doesn't contain windows 7

    7:Finally complete the installation process by reading instructions carefully

    That's it over!

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    amitendra Array
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    Re: Dual boot of windows 8 and windows 7 on the same machine

    There is no issue to use window 8 along window 7 in a operating system.
    to solve this problem you can fallow the fallowing steps:

    ==>insert windows 8 dvd and select boot option to installation.
    ==>after some time when window ask for designation you select C drive (System Drive) and install it
    ==>After completing the window 8 installation you insert the window 7 dvd
    ==>boot it for installation
    ==>after some time when window ask for designation you can select another drive and install it
    ==>After completing the installation restart the system
    ==>Now you can see two option window 8 and another for window 7
    ==>select one of them

    Try it

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Dual boot of windows 8 and windows 7 on the same machine


    Dual booting is handy and of course complicated but can be done without much fuss, in any computer with required specifications.

    Here is how it can be done :

    If your computer already runs Windows 7, and you want to multiboot, there is only one factor to take care, a second drive. A second physical disk is not essential; a disk with two partitions is acceptable for dual booting.
    You could install Windows 8 on a D:\ drive which had 25 GB of free space.

    There is one key procedural difference between a normal install and a dual boot install, "Custom" option and the second partition.
    Before installing Windows 8, logon to the original OS and provide second partition a label so that identification can be easy .
    Insert the Windows 8 installer DVD into the optical drive.
    If necessary, change the BIOS config and set DVD as the first boot device.
    Have the product key ready:

    Accept the license terms.
    Select 'Custom'.
    Select the partition carefully.
    The copying, expanding and installing phases take less than 20 minutes.
    At the end of the installation the computer reboots twice automatically. Each time the reboot defaults to the partition with the new operating system.
    Once Windows 8 install is complete, Restart, find a boot screen with the option to choose from the two Os`s installed in your computer,
    Inaction will lead to timeout countdown and boot in the default Windows 8.


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