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    Dual touch screen for my desktop computer

    I have two touch screen monitors. I want to connect both of them to my pc can windows 8 have two touch screen displays? What are the steps to have two displays display the same window? I had tried but found no option for it in the control panel? Please help

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    Re: Dual touch screen for my desktop computer

    Dear Friend!!
    to add a new device to your computer, you should have the port available in your CPU to connect them.
    If not so, then buy the external connectors from markets and connect them.
    The drivers are pre-installed in windows 7 and 8. they will install when you connect the device and still if device is not shown, then open control panel and select add new device or printer.
    Windows will search the connected device and then you can work on both of them.
    Its similar like adding a projector on your device just you need the free ports in the machine!!

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