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    DVD drive is not showing after installation of Windows 8

    My windows 8 release preview is not showing the DVD drive when is was showing in windows XP sp3 which was my previous operating system but after the installation of thid operating system itís not working I have cross checked the wires all are fine. Please help

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    jrkk Array
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    Re: DVD drive is not showing after installation of Windows 8

    hello . . .

    This is commonly happen thing for installation of windows 8 preview.

    This problem due to several causes those are given by:

    1. May be your hardware failure.
    2. May be some software is require for you hardware.
    3. May be your operating system is not compatibility with your driver software.

    To Follow these steps you will get your drive again.

    step1: First check weather you hardware is reacted or not.
    that means you disk drive indication L.E.D. are blinked or not.
    step2: if Hardware react good. Then Follow these steps.
    1.Go to My Computer Icon Right Click on it. Tap the Manage Command.
    2.A Window is appear on your desktop. Click on Driver Manager on the left panel or left side options of that window.
    3.Choose CD/DVD on that windows.
    4.Right click on that window on pop-menu is appear. choose and click scan and hardware.
    5.once see the my Computer you will get the Disk drive.
    step3: if not get. then once Find out the Driver software on internet and download and install it
    your problem will be soloved.

    Note: Windows 8 preview is trial version. it is not complete version to every function is working or not.
    Preview version is released for taking feedback for consumer. so don't worry that problem.
    you system has been not problem

    Thank you

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    Re: DVD drive is not showing after installation of Windows 8

    The Driver required for your CD/DVD drive is not installed during Windows 8 installation.
    That's why you are facing the problem.

    Also, ensure that cable is properly connected to the motherboard, if you are using Desktop.

    There may be another reason of Incompatibility.
    It can be possible that your CD/DVD drive may not be compatible with the Windows 8 version.
    Actually, Windows 8 is latest version of Windows and is expected to release on October 2012.
    So, there are several modifications in the Windows 8.

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    Re: DVD drive is not showing after installation of Windows 8

    there is no problem in your DVD drive. actually when you are going to install an operating system it should install some predefined drivers for some components like keyboard, mouse, dvd drive. likewise. but your computer's DVD drive drivers didn't came with windows 8. if you want to access DVD drive install windows 7 or windows xp

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    Re: DVD drive is not showing after installation of Windows 8

    hi my dear friend.....try this it may be helps you

    first press the windows key + I and choose the control panel from the Side bar

    then open the option system and security

    then choose the hard ware ans sound .....from the left pane optios

    then click on the Devices and printers

    after that click on the Add device option which is located at the top of the window....and wait...

    after the completion searching.....then your device will be displayed ...then click next ...and follow the instructions

    if case of not appearing device cases ......following the simple intructions to find your DRIVE ............ALL THE BEST

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