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    DVD is not read in Windows Vista

    I inserted DVD in the Windows Vista. I saw that the DVD is not read by the DVD Writer. I removed and reinserted the DVD and it worked now. I faced a problem that that DVD is stopping for sometime and later it is working. It is a continuous process. Please, help me!

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: DVD is not read in Windows Vista

    You need to remove the device driver for the DVD/CD rom and solve your problem.

    To do so go to : START--CONTROL PANEL--SYSTEM--DEVICE MANAGER--DVD/CD ROM....--DRIVER--UNINSTALL, this will remove the previous installed driver, then UPDATE DRIVER, to indtall latest driver.
    Or you can install the driver using the CD that you had got with the drive, if at ll, or by logging in to the DRIVE MANUFACTURERS official website and download the vista compatible device driver and install.

    This should solve your problem.

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    Re: DVD is not read in Windows Vista

    Hello friend,

    There are so many reasons behind this problem.Because the problem sometimes found in system(computer) or sometimes found in DVD.

    1.Make sure that your DVD is properly burned so that it can be use properly.

    2.You have to check that the drive is in device driver or not.

    3.Make sure that the Auto Play is set or not.

    4.Then check the status of the disc by inserting the disc into disc drive.

    (A)If auto play window opens then drive is able to read the disc.

    (B)Otherwise computer does not respond means drive is not able to read the disc.

    5.This is sometimes occurs due to heavy virus.

    Thank u!!

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    Re: DVD is not read in Windows Vista

    Hi, Dear friend

    It might be the problem of device driver issues

    and for the solution .... follow these and check if it helps

    press windows key+r and type regedit in the run box

    now press ENTER key .........and click YES button

    after that Go to this location

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> system > current Controlset> control>class ....at the left pane

    then under the class choose {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} folder at the left pane

    and Now at the right pane delete upper filters and lower filters

    then close the registry Editor ..and restart the PC...........and check if it helps

    and if you are unable to solve the issue cases ....simply re-install the DVD drivers to get the solution

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: DVD is not read in Windows Vista


    It seems like you are having problem with your DVD driver. You should update
    your DVD driver. Go to start, then control panel and then Device Manager. There
    you will find DVD/CD Rom. Now, uninstall the driver and click ipdate for new driver
    of your DVD Rom.

    You can also download the driver from the DVD maker website so based on your preference
    you can do either of two. This will solve your DVD Drive problem.


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    Re: DVD is not read in Windows Vista

    You have to remove the unit new driver for the DVD/CD rom along with solve a person's problem.

    To do so head to : Start--Control panel--System--Device manager--DVD/CD ROM....--Driver--Uninstall, this will get rid of the earlier put in new driver, then UPDATE DRIVER, for you to install most current driver.
    Or you can put in power using the CD you had became using the get, in the event in ll, and also through hauling in to the Drive Manufacturers established Internet site along with down load the particular landscape appropriate unit new driver along with install.

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    Re: DVD is not read in Windows Vista

    HELLO ,

    Well there may be 2 things that may have went wrong..

    1--Either your CD/DVD is corrupt or damaged.

    2--The DVD ROM might have crashed

    also check the inner connections connecting to the DVD ROM

    it might have loosened..

    If none of this works take it to reparing shop for proper assessment of the fault...

    You may also want to re-install the DVD-ROM drivers and check again...


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    shubhamnema Array
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    Re: DVD is not read in Windows Vista

    hello friend

    there are following problems on your pc...........

    1.the cd is you used may be corrupted.

    2.your DVD Writer's lanse are unclean/damaged.

    3.the DVD writer are not connected properly with motherboard.

    4.your DVD drive driver are not updated.

    i hope my information is usefull for you.

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    Re: DVD is not read in Windows Vista

    Hello friend,

    1.Its not a big problem,please go to the your system ''control panel'',

    2.After this open the ''system and security'' option,

    3.Then go to the ''device manager'' option,

    4.Now click to the '' DVD/CD ROM '' and uninstall the driver and reinstall the latest version driver and restart your system,

    5.After this you use the normally,

    6.I hope this information use full to you,


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    Re: DVD is not read in Windows Vista

    Hi dear Friend

    Try to update the DVD driver first which is on the Device manager

    For this you have carefully follow the below steps

    <> Go to click on the Start menu and then Select on the " Control panel "

    <> There by you can see the "Organize " option

    <> After Right click on it you can see the "Properties "

    <> Now try to choose the " Device manager " at the left side window

    <> After click on it you can see a Number of Drivers and Select the dvd Driver

    Try to Update the driver by right click on it

    That is all

    Good luck

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    Re: DVD is not read in Windows Vista


    Check whether DVD is working or not..

    If it is working DVD then Update DVD drivers and

    Clean DVD lens with brush.

    And Check Physical Connections also.

    Thank you.

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