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    Email sending failed in Hotmail

    I use Hotmail to send email in Windows 7 Professional System. Once, I tried to send an email and received the error message “email sending failed”. I turned OFF and ON the System, but could not send the email. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    kranthi Array
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    Re: Email sending failed in Hotmail

    Yes if your email is getting failed while you are sending to your friend through windows7 system then follow the steps below :
    If you want to send a file or an email through hotmail then you must have an account of hotmail then only you can send to any one.
    So you should log in to the account of your hotmail and then go to compose mail option so that enter your text and send it.
    If you send it then you can get a perfect mailing.Your internet connection must be good in order to complete the successful sending of the message.
    This is the best way to go through the hot mail.

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    Re: Email sending failed in Hotmail

    there are following reason to field a email sending on hotmail-
    1.slow internet connection
    2.incorrect email id

    if all is correct so logout the hotmail and again login
    your problem solved.....

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    Re: Email sending failed in Hotmail

    This kind of problem might be come into play due to these reasons...

    **********Due to virus or any other infected file.

    **********Hotmail sever not allow you to access Hotmail with that .

    **********Due to some internal problem of server .

    To solve that problem try these steps....

    **********Connect your computer via internet.

    ********** Scan your system with good quality of antivirus.

    **********Antivirus scanning will fix virus file.

    **********Now try to open Hotmail on your windows 7.

    ********** If you still have problem than try next steps...
    **********Now try to open Hotmail again.

    **********This time you will get proper response

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