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    Enabling metered Wi-Fi connections in Windows 8

    I would like to manage data usage with a specific data limit on connections. What are the steps to activate metered Wi-Fi connections in Windows 8? I am using Windows 8 tablet.

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    Re: Enabling metered Wi-Fi connections in Windows 8

    For enabling metering on a Wi-Fi connection, users will have to;
    • Go to Wi-Fi network list
    • Then right click on the connection
    • A long press has to be performed by the tablet and touch screen users
    An options list will appear
    • Choose ‘set as metered connection’

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    Re: Enabling metered Wi-Fi connections in Windows 8

    To enable metering Wi-Fi connections on Windows 8 follow the below steps:
    >Move your mouse cursor near connection icon in the right panel of taskbar and click on Wi-Fi icon.
    >Then you will prompt Network tab in left panel with entire active connections. Here choose this option – Set as metered connection.

    >Thusthe metered connection will be activated.

    Thank you.

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