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    "EPT_S_NOT_REGISTERED" while starting Lenovo Laptop with Windows 8.

    My Lenovo laptop which is running on Windows 8 stops for very long time during its start, and this time there will be a message on the screen saying that "EPT_S_NOT_REGISTERED" , so tell me what does this message mean and why my laptop stucks at this message? Please help me soon by providing a solution for this problem.

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    Re: "EPT_S_NOT_REGISTERED" while starting Lenovo Laptop with Windows 8.

    EPT_S_NOT_REGISTERED 1753 (0X6D9) may bring you unrelated window dialogs.

    The automatically window dialogs affected computerís performance, and may result in computer slow down, even dead in period, blue screen and system trash.

    To avoid EPT_S_NOT_REGISTERED 1753 (0X6D9) window dialogs, and keep your computer in secure.

    you can download you can advanced system care and scan your system...

    you can download it here http://blog.iobit.com/down/downloadc...not_registered

    happy assist you

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