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    "Error: 0x0000000d, Operation failed." from Network Printer on Windows XP System.

    From my Windows XP system, am trying to get a print from the network printer connected on LAN. So whenever I give any print I get the message that "Error: 0x0000000d, Operation failed." Then I have restarted the machine and also restarted the printer but no progress. So tell me what should I do now in order to fix this problem?

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    Re: "Error: 0x0000000d, Operation failed." from Network Printer on Windows XP System.

    hi dear friend....... to solve this issue......follow these

    First of all check the connected cable and power supply are working fine or not for the respective printer

    after that press windows key+r and type devmgmt.msc

    then double click on the printer device........and tap on DRIVER tab

    now choose UPDATE Driver .....button and follow the instructions

    and if still the problem exists....... simply go to Control panel

    then type Troubleshoot in the search box of control pane

    then click on Troubleshooting........option and choose HARDWARE AND SOUND Option

    now choose the PRINTER option from the list .... and follow the instructions .......... ... AND I HOPE WHICH MAY HELPS YOU

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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