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    Error 0x8007005 when trying to restore Windows 7

    There is a problem in my Windows 7 system so I just thought of doing a system restore to the previous point where it was working fine but now when I did that I got the error message as “An unspecified error occurred during System restore 0x80070005”. How can I fix this error now? Can someone please help me? Thank you.

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    Re: Error 0x8007005 when trying to restore Windows 7

    Hello friend...

    For this issue remove all the restore points and restart the Volume shadow copy services (VSS)

    To do this follow the steps given below:

    To remove all the restore points:

    ->Click start button, select computer and right click on it and select properties.
    ->Click advanced system settings tab, now select system protection tab.
    ->Highlight partition c, click on configure button, and then click delete.
    ->Then repeat this steps for the other partitions too.

    Restart the VSS services:
    ->Click start button, in search box type services.msc and press enter.If you prompted for the authentication of password go with it.
    ->Double click the service volume shadow copy
    ->Click on the general tab, make sure that the startup type is automatic or manual. Then click the stop button under service status to stop the service.Now click the start button to restart the service.

    Now manually create the restore point.

    Hope this may help full to you....

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