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    Error 0xC8000222 when trying to update Microsoft Antivirus

    Wanted to update my Windows 7 antivirus to the latest and now when I tried to do that I get the error message as “Error 0xC8000222”. Can someone tell me what should be done if I get this error? Is there any workaround which is available to be followed? Thank you.

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    nikil kumar Array
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    Re: Error 0xC8000222 when trying to update Microsoft Antivirus

    Hello friend....

    To sort out the issue follow the instructions given below:

    ->Click on the start button

    ->select the cmd

    ->right click on the cmd and select 'run as administrator'

    ->type: net stop wuauserv and press enter

    ->Then type : ren c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution softwaredistribution.old and press enter

    ->Then type: net start weauserv and press enter

    -> At last type : exit and press enter

    Now its done ..

    Hope this may help full to you...

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