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    Error 1618 when trying to install Skype application in Windows 7

    Trying to install the latest version of Skype in my Windows system for making video calls but during installation it gives the error code 1618 problem and doesn't get installed after that. What should I do now for this problem? Can someone please help me? Thanks.

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    nikil kumar Array
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    Re: Error 1618 when trying to install Skype application in Windows 7

    Hello friend...

    This error 1618 mainly arrives when one installation is going on, its prompts a message that another installation in progress and doesnt allow the installation.

    So to over come this issue just follow the steps given below:

    ->Right click on the computer icon.

    ->And select the manage tab

    ->This opens the computer management utility.

    ->Select services and right click on the windows installer in the list and select properties.

    ->If you are having the problem the windows installer service will be started and at the same time the stop button will be displayed.

    ->In the properties dialogue change the start up type to 'disabled' and click ok and reboot your computer.

    ->This stops your service. After your computer gets rebooted again computer management (i.e., computer->manage)

    ->Now open windows installer properties and change the startup type to manual.

    ->Now you are out of the problem.

    Hope this may help you...

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    sivaditya Array
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    Re: Error 1618 when trying to install Skype application in Windows 7

    Before installing Skype make sure that there is no other program is installing in your system.
    Check windows update also. if it is updating let it complete first and then install skype. If not stop the windows update and install skype.

    Your problem is due to installing two or more programs at a time.

    If problem still remains. restart your system and go to task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del keys
    go to process tab and click on msiexec.exe
    Now end the process.

    Now install the Skype.

    Happy to assist you

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