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    Error '2146697210' while trying to shutdown Windows XP laptop

    Another issue for my windows XP, this time having issue with my laptop and it is having Windows XP. Whenever i am trying to shut down my windows then command not working and gives me an error code as mentioned above every time. What is the resolution for this problem? Help me please!!

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    Re: Error '2146697210' while trying to shutdown Windows XP laptop


    This error '2146697210'

    showing a problem somewhere in your system. When this error pops up, a window should also pop up,

    asking if you want to report this problem. By clicking on this, a message is sent directly to Microsoft,

    and the problem is solved by automatic upgrades. You can also contact them direct, by calling.

    They're available 24/7. NOW, if you are not the registered owner of Windows XP, then most likely,

    you have not been getting any upgrades, or some corrupt application is causing such problems.


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