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    Error access denied when trying to delete a file from Program Data in Windows 7

    Wanted to remove some of the files which are not used from Program Data folder in my Windows 7 OS but when I try to delete the files it just gives the error message as “Error access denied” and I am not able to delete the files at all. What should be done now for this issue? Kindly help.

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    Re: Error access denied when trying to delete a file from Program Data in Windows 7

    Dear friend,

    ‘Access is denied’ - this problem in program data folder is caused due to the following reason:

    The program on Windows are not uninstalled completely by Windows default program Uninstaller (add or remove programs).
    Some components are always remaining on your system. These components don’t allow the Windows to delete the file related with them.

    To remove the un-used files you can use one of the following processes:

    1. Boot your system in safe mode, and then delete the files one by one as usual in Windows normal mode.
    2. Use a professional Uninstaller program such as REVO Uninstaller, Advanced system care, Tuneup utilities, perfect Uninstaller, etc.
    These programs remove the all components of programs completely during uninstalling the software.


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