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    Error: "BAD_POOL_HEADER 0x00000019" while starting Windows XP System.

    During my windows machine start up I get the error message in a blue screen saying that Error: "BAD_POOL_HEADER 0x00000019". By looking at this message, I don't understand anything and I don't even know to run simple tools which can fix errors on my machine, please provide a solution and help me in any way.

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    Re: Error: "BAD_POOL_HEADER 0x00000019" while starting Windows XP System.


    To solve the above error... follow the below guide lines
    cd.JPG restart the PC and press
    F8 key at the start up and choose SAFE MODE option

    first of all remove the last installed application or Driver

    that is click start menu and choose run now, type
    appwiz.cpl and press enter key

    and then uninstall it ....now go to device manager now expand the
    Graphic Drivers and double click on it ...choose properties

    Select the
    Driver tab. Here you can perform a number of actions such as update the driver, roll Back the driver to an older version, disable or uninstall the driver

    and if still the problem persists........simply go for the restore process that is

    start button > all programs> Accessories > System tools > system restore

    if you have any restore point....then select restore to previous state option and click next ( Other wise create the restore point and continue the process )

    then finally click on
    Save settings and run button

    then follow the instructions ....

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!
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