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    "Error: C000009A, Software Installation failed" on Windows 8

    If I install any of the new software on my Windows 8 machine I get the message "Error: C000009A, Software Installation failed" after completing half of the installation process. I tried with different softwares and also even with the applications, am getting same error message.

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    Re: "Error: C000009A, Software Installation failed" on Windows 8

    Hi aspirant,

    !!!! Steps you need to take to resolve your problem are......!!!!

    --> Go to the start and click on the run app.

    --> Or else press Ctrl and R simultaneously.

    --> Then type appwiz.cpl on the name space bar.

    --> After that in the left side you will get the installed updates.

    --> In that uncheck the Internet Explorer and go back to the desktop.

    --> Follow the previous process of opening run app and type LPKSETUP.

    --> Now unceck all the options available inside it.

    --> Restart the system and you will get your problem resolved....

    ALL THE BEST.......

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    Re: "Error: C000009A, Software Installation failed" on Windows 8

    Dear friend,

    There are the various requirements of the installation of the software on your system.

    1. You must have the administrative previlages to install any software.

    2. The software must be compatible with the windows.


    1. Make sure you are having the administrative previlages.

    2. If you do not have ask your administrtor to install the software for you.

    3. make sure the software you are attempting to install is compability with the windows 8

    4. You have the enough free space on your c drive.

    Hope this will solve your problem.



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