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    Error code 0x80070070 not enough space when trying to download files in Windows 7

    There is enough space in the partition on my Windows 7 system but still when I try to download some files to the partition I get the error message as “System reserved partition not enough space error code 0x80070070”. Is there anything which I can do now to come out of this problem? Thanks.

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Error code 0x80070070 not enough space when trying to download files in Windows 7

    For a solution you can try to follow the next mentioned procedures.Press F8 at the beginning of the boot session, immediately after POST checking.Select from the options, Safe Mode, to boot.Now try to log in to internet and download, if you are not confronting any error, there can be error in Device Drivers installed in your system.Check the Device Drivers from Device Manager of your Windows. Reinstall, update whichever necessary to fix errors.Reboot normally and check if downloading still cause any disruption or not.Click Start--all programs--accessories--system tools--disk cleanup, and remove junk files from your system.Again run Disk Defragmenter from same source under system tools, and organize space and files .Exit and rerun your activities.

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    Re: Error code 0x80070070 not enough space when trying to download files in Windows 7

    Hi,Dear friend

    Generally during the installation of OS.... it will occupy some memory like names as System reserved memory depending on the mother boarda ..... for the onboard operations

    I think in your PC ... that reserved memory got ... exceeded ... so, that it will show up the above error message

    usually it it not appears ... on my computer..... .. but you can see this in to Disk management .. window

    So, first of all press windows key+R and type diskmgmt.msc and click OK

    then see the System Reserved memory Drive ... and clear that memory ... to get the solution

    and also some times it may happens whenever the page File filled cases also

    so, try to check the page file size....and if it is .. filled simply increase that memory to solve the above issue

    All the bst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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