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    Error code 0x80070422 on turning on Firewall on Windows 7

    When I try to turn on Firewall on my PC running on Windows 7, it shows the error message “Windows firewall can't change some of your settings” and shows up an Error code 0x80070422. How can I avoid this error message?

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    Re: Error code 0x80070422 on turning on Firewall on Windows 7

    Hello my friend,

    You are getting this error because there is malware or virus is in your computer.
    scan your computer and remove the malware.

    Start your windows firewall services manually

    1. Click Start , and then type Services in the Search box.
    2. Right-click Services. and then click Run as administrator. If you are prompted, enter your administrator user name and password, and then press Enter.
    3. Scroll until you see Windows Firewall, and then double-click Windows Firewall.

    4. Click the Startup type box,and then click Automatic.
    5. If Service status is Stopped, click Start.
    6. Click Apply, and then click OK.
    7.Scroll until you see Base Filtering Engine, and then double-click Base Filtering Engine.
    8.If Service status is Stopped, click Start.
    9.Click Apply, and then click OK.
    10.Restart Windows and confirm whether Windows Firewall is enabled.


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    Re: Error code 0x80070422 on turning on Firewall on Windows 7

    Dear friend,

    Error code 0x8007042c is an error for "The dependency service or group failed to start".This will indicate that there may not be a problem with the Windows Firewall Service (MpsSvc) but instead with other Services that it needs so that it can start itself.

    So here are the necessary Services that Windows Firewall needs on Windows 7:
    1. Base Filtering Engine (BFE)
    2. Windows Firewall Authorization Driver (MPSDRV)

    The two services/drivers should be started or running. BFE can be easily seen through the Services Console. But MPSDRV is not visually available in the same console window and instead available only by querying the service in a Command Prompt window.
    Repairing services and drivers can be done via the command line of SFC /SCANNOW on an Elevated Command Prompt.
    If the command did not fix the issue then reinstalling the drivers might be the best way to do it.
    Although to accomplish this will not be an easy feat since both the Base Filtering Engine and Windows Firewall Authorization Driver could not be reinstalled on Windows 7 unless we repair install the Operating System.

    Try running the following commands if SFC /SCANNOW did not resolve the issue with the Windows Firewall:
    1. Open a Command Prompt as Administrator. To do this, type CMD in Start Search from the Start Menu. Right click on the result and choose "Run as Administrator".
    2. Run now the following command lines:
    a. netsh advfirewall reset
    b. net start mpsdrv
    c. net start bfe
    d. net start mpssvc
    e. regsvr32 firewallapi.dll

    3. Confirm any boxes that comes up by clicking OK. The result on the last entry should say that it succeeded.
    Note: If you receive any errors on any of the command lines, then there is definitely something wrong with any of the drivers and service.
    This may indicate a Registry error or a Corrupted file.

    4. Reboot the system.

    Another factor to consider is Malware infection. There are known strains of Malware infections that may stop or corrupt the entries and executable files of Windows Firewall along with other services and drivers it depends on.

    Following all the above procedure you will be able to solve your problem own your own.

    B.Tech. CSE

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    Re: Error code 0x80070422 on turning on Firewall on Windows 7

    Hi there,

    Your problem will definitely be fixed by this :

    * go to start
    * type services
    * look for windows firewall, double click it.
    * Select under the general tab: automatic in the startup type, then it enable to select star

    Windows firewall will be restored without an error anymore.

    Hope it helps you..!!

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    Re: Error code 0x80070422 on turning on Firewall on Windows 7

    You can solve the problem of Error by following some of the few simple steps,
    1. Click on the strat Menu
    2. Type Service in the RUN
    3. Click on the firewall settings
    4. Select the general tab: Automatic in the start up type

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    Re: Error code 0x80070422 on turning on Firewall on Windows 7


    1) I did all that. After the prompt I get the error. Header of the error in Grey banner " Windows Firewall with Advnaced Security snap-in"

    2).Under that in body of error is a Big red X. Next to that is a Messsage " There was an error opening the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in"

    3)Under that is the message "The windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in failed to load. Restart the Windows Firewall Service on the computer that you are managing.Error code 0x6D9.

    4) I was told the computer was re-formatted and wiped clean. Avast was the only Virus protection ran on the system after that. Before it was wiped clean I have no idea what AV was running on there. I have run CCleaner a few times to clean up cookies and other intrusive things.

    5) This computer is currently on a work network.


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