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    Error code "0x800f0902" occurring when trying to install Internet Explorer 9

    Hello, if I am trying to install Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 then getting an error code 0x800f0902. I am not able to understand or, recover this error code so, need some suggestions to resolve the queries soon. Any Help!!

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    Re: Error code "0x800f0902" occurring when trying to install Internet Explorer 9

    Yes, it may occurs during windows update when trying to the install your win7 SP1 and IE 9 both at same time or, IE9 menus showing in English language, no matters if you installed IE9 not for English. Issue is currently facing by many members and can be solved by following steps:

    Step 1 : First of all, Restart your PC after closing all programs
    Step 2: Go to Start menu, then click on Programs
    Step 3: Select the option Windows Update, and click on Check for updates
    Step 4: In important updates, select IE9 (It is possible that Internet Explorer 9 will not be in list so, not to worry keep continue your process with next step)
    Step 5 : Under Optional updates, click on IE9 Language Pack Update
    Step 6 : Select the option Install Updates

    Now, check Internet Explorer 9 and your issue will be resolved.....
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