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    Error Code: 80070490 while installing software updates on Windows 8.

    I am new to the Windows computer, and I don't know much in depth like fixing the errors. Let me tell you, I have enabled the automatic updates on my machine which installs the available updates automatically and this process starts soon after turning the machine ON. Recently I got a message that Error Code: 80070490 while installing so and so update. How should I fix this error?

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    Re: Error Code: 80070490 while installing software updates on Windows 8.

    hi dear friend .............To solve the issue follow the below instructions

    first of all press windows key+I combination from the keyboard

    now click on CHANGE PC SETTINGS option from the charm bar

    now choose GENERAL option at the left pane and click on GET STARTED button under the REFRESH YOUR PC WITHOUT EFFECTING YOUR FILES option

    then follow the onscreen instructions

    after that completion of process....... try to install the Updates again .....and this time your problem will be fixed

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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