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    Error code 80071A90 appears on screen while installing update in Windows 7

    Hi, i am getting a security update from system but while attempting to install it then receives an error code 80071A90 for the update KB2732500. I really don't know the reason that why i am getting it. Help me to fix the issue. Waiting for helpful suggestions!!

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    Re: Error code 80071A90 appears on screen while installing update in Windows 7

    Hello friend..

    This error can often be corrected by running the windows update troubleshooter which can automatically find and fix some common problems with windows update.
    To run the trouble shooter follow the steps given below.

    ->First of all go to this link and save the file : http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9666880

    ->In the file downloaded dialog box click run and follow the steps given in the wizard.

    ->open the windows update and try to install it again.

    If the windows trouble shooter doesn't work, you'll need to restart the computer without running the programs that run when windows first starts and then run windows update again.This can be done in two ways -> By starting your computer in safe mode or manually starting up the windows with out start up programs.

    Hope this may help full to you..

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