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    Error code 80072EFD in Nokia windows phone

    I came across an error 80072EFD in my Nokia windows phone while trying to sync my Gmail and hotmail accounts via mobile internet. Why is this error occurring and what is the solution for this?

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    Re: Error code 80072EFD in Nokia windows phone

    Hi there,
    I think this error is occurring due to the incompatibility in your password. Your username may also be wrong and cause this error. This error occurs only when you access any website where you need to give your identification and passwords. You must be having a PC or Personal Computer, so why don't you try accessing your hotmail and Gmail accounts with correct username and password pairs through your Personal Computer.
    Also you can try for one more thing. You can change either of the username and password pairs for either gmail or hotmail accounts and make on pair applicable for the second account also. Then while you log on through your Nokia phone this problem should not occur.

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